Life is Interesting

People come and go by. They just keep coming. They always go. Some stay back. Some do not even bother to look back. One is being adored, the other being abhorred. One being loved and the other being hated to the brink of raving madness…
Met many, known few. Seen many, felt few.
To few these eyes know, to some more these ears understand, and to one this soul responds.
Life is a mosaic of patterns stitched here stuck there and of these all, one patch is me. Me – with no impressive name and no significant objective in life yet, I live somewhere in the myriad folds of this beautiful pattern of umpteen beings with the same flesh and blood and yet different names to call with.

I have this little viewfinder lodged in the eyes of my mind which makes me look at the world in different perspective. I don't see good and bad, I just find people, people driven by their ideas, moods, emotions, greed, motives. There are variety of emotions and feelings in play. And, I find everything so wonderful. I'm always amazed at every new discovery which I stumble upon almost everyday about everything that surrounds me.

So, yes, when I say life is interesting, I really mean, it has always been interesting to me.



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