The second I begin liking the world around me, my faith takes a tumble in filth of human frailty. Something happens to make me take a step back and wonder about how unworthy people can be of love. You just don’t decide on loving someone like, “Oh, it’s so sunny and bright today, let’s be in love with everybody or somebody. “You just love, you care, you respect. Don’t be there, don’t stand, just be respectful to the people who had been there for you when there was no one. Do not debase the emotions of people who have loved you wholeheartedly. Because one day, when the blood will roar in your veins and you would need those who you belong to, would never come. You will be late. It happens, you know. Fate has its own way of teaching things.

I so believe in it. What goes around comes all the way back around. It haunts us forever! The mistakes, the frailty of our character, the hurt which we inflict on people – it all boils down to one day when you are alone and withered. And, let me tell you, life is such a cunning bitch, it stabs you in the back when you are at your worst already. It gives you the whole lot of pain. It places a mirror which reflects what you gave and now you receive.

Take heed to your heart, to the voice that’s borne of humility and not the one that coaxes you into believing guile.

Today caught me unawares. I couldn’t even handle the stroke. And, it further strengthened my belief that people are frail, pathetic creatures and they don’t deserve to be loved.

Lock, stock and barrel your love and push it into the dungeons because we do not exist in the world of love and harmony but amidst a farce. They say, snakes are the vilest, oh dear, we humans are the worst (having that mass called brain with the power of reasoning over our shoulders) of all, the snake is still a beast.

Somewhere, deep in my heart, a small voice is still longing, shamelessness, do not be the creed of the people. Do not forget those who love you. Come what may.

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