That’s Me Being Me

What I speak, in mirth or distress, it’s all the same, depends what ears you have on.

I’m crazy…ain’t I?

I’m insane…I’m not

I’m bold…I’m not

I’m an extrovert… I’m not

I’m an introvert… now, that I can’t even dispute

I’m playful…figure it out

I’m serious… who’s going to argue back? Me? You? Who?

Insomniac, unpredictable, wild, dreamer, scribbler

I need something to intoxicate me, something much more feral then the passion my heart holds

You fired my imagination, you walked into the tavern of my senses

You live within me, untouched

You dance within me, unperturbed

You are one with my essence

You are the music that flows within my body and soul – in the very fiber of my being

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