The Mixed Bag Shopping

All of us in our childhood have played dress up with an older sister’s dress or mother’s sarees. Those were the days when smearing lipstick on lips and chin, smudging Kohl around eyes, and making circles on the cheeks with lipstick was in vogue. We were the little trend setters all set to make a style statement.

I love wearing Saree. It’s one attire that makes me feel so feminine without adding frills, laces, or even trinkets. Just the seduction in play. Women are the most admirable creation of the universe. The perfect embodiment of all the emotions, feelings, and sensuality. And, the body, she is endowed with, is such an exquisite piece of art. Six yards draped and moulded on the curves of a woman’ body reveals more by covering. It tempts and entices the sense of any warm-blooded man. Well, why shouldn’t it be? Isn’t that the age-old dance between two sexes?

I’m a hoarder basically, who compulsively buys stuffs including sarees, trinkets, bags, footwear, and anything or everything that can grace my closet. You never know when you would suddenly have an urge to deck up into an Indo-ethnic avatar.

Always hunting for handicraft shops online, and in this quest I found The
Mixed Bag by Sveka Kamala. And, I was floored by the very first image I stumbled upon that of the Ghunghroo Necklace. That was something unique and I started picturing myself adorning those Ghunghroos in red thread.

That’ the thing with women, we tend to visualize even before getting hold of the desired object. Now, I had to have some good dress to make it go with. And, I found a lovely Mulmul Cotton saree on the Instagram page of The Mixed Bag.

So, I got this ensemble ready in just ₹ 2,240/-

Mulmul Saree-1170/-

Ghunghroo Necklace-550/-

Dual Tone Metal Alloy Ring 520/-

Thanks a ton Sveka, I really loved your collection and look forward to shopping more from your store in the future. Ladies, do check out some of the beautiful necklaces on display, including Dhokra Necklaces (available in thread colour of your choice). I have already booked few more rings along with Dhokra necklaces. Grab your piece, like now!

I have used SUGAR Stroke of Genius Heavy duty Kohl-01 Back to Black. It has an amazing finishing touch and lends a dramatic look to your eyes.  To give heavy look to my eyelids I used, SUGAR Eye Told You So! Smudge Proof Eyeliner-01 Black Swan (Black) .

Photo Credits: Vinaya Gudidevini

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