Reading Schopenhauer

On May 20, 1965 Susan Sontag notes in her diary “One doesn’t learn from experience—because the substance of things is always changing.”

What do we learn from? Do we learn at all? And what if this all reading, writing, creating, travelling and living is a tiny dent on what we could be… are we meant to be something more and what’s that more.

Currently Reading — The Will To Live: Selected Writings of Schopenhauer

And when you begin Schopenhauer you go back to Immanuel Kant, you can’t avoid reading Plato; and you do want to check on Hegel too.

Do not even forget speculative philosophy and metaphysics.

Now you have whole horde of philosophers to read, understand and study comparing notes with Schopenhauer and his delayed acceptance in the world of philosophy.

I am surrounded with books, notebooks, pencils (yes I write with pencil), music playing itself into oblivion and all these big wigs drilling hole in my mind.

I can happily spend hours doing what I’m doing and that’s where the tragedy lies I have time too less to study to my heart’s fill. Yet, I will persevere. I’ll find some space more to squeeze in my readings and musings.

“Man can do what he wills but he cannot will what he wills.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

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