Category: Self Notes

Journal- June 5, 2021

Irrespective of all the pragmatic reasoning and intellectual discourse one gives oneself, certain matters slips out of hands, overwhelmed we are thus of the circumstances or people who rupture the serenity of our being and leave us to question our own sanity in the wake.
Oft, I believe finding right words to express the turmoil within deserts us, when required earnestly.
If only rain could come down pouring…

How do we allow someone to have enough hold on us to hurt us, it’s when we open ourselves to them. How imperative it’s then to keep ourself locked into a shell but what a pithy living that is again when you can’t breathe free and express yourself fully in a language meant for love.

My heart misses thousand beats, reminiscing the chink that has made into its shell by one whom I let myself be seen.

Is it love when you get overwhelmed by someone or it’s the impression of someone being a match to your mind that you are thrilled with.

माये नी मायेमैं इक शिकरा यार बनाया —शिव कुमार बटालवी

माये नी माये
मैं इक शिकरा यार बनाया
ओदे सिर ते कलगी
ओदे पैरीं झांजर
ते ओ चोग चुगेंदा आया

इक ओदे रूप दी धुप तिखेरी
दुजा महकां दा तिरहाया
तीजा ओदा रंग गुलाबी
किसे गोरी मां दा जाया

दुखण मेरे नैनां दे कोये
विच हाड़ हंजुआं दा आईया
सारी रात गई विच सोचां
उस ए कि जुल्म कमाया

सुबह सवेरे लै नी वटणा
असां मल मल ओस नव्हाया
देही दे विचों निकलण चींगां
ते साडा हाथ गया कुम्हलाया

चूरी कुट्टां तां ओ खांदा नाही
ओन्हुं दिल दा मांस खवाया
इक उडारी ऐसी मारी
ओ मुड़ वतनी ना आया

ओ माये नीं
मैं इक शिकरा यार बनाया
ओदे सिर ते कलगी
ओदे पैरीं झांजर
ते ओ चोग चुगेंदा आया