The Match

And, the story would be – there was one, a walking disaster, ruins of love, poignant tale of passion spent, and she had him, an equally matched ferocity of chaos that whirls in her whole being. Together, they became an all consuming desire- annihilating one another in the smouldering fire of love.

Nameless Desires

My heart wanders on nameless streets knocking at nameless doors for no reasons at all…

May be, somewhere a door will open and let me in. Would there be a place where my heart will feel like home once again…

For once, I wish to close my eyes and relax.

Put my mind to rest.

Those nameless desires.


The idea was to have a nightcap

But, the night has its own mind

No lullaby, it sang

Heart bared itself, drenched my soul into the downpour of the emotions

Locked, deep inside

Scared me.

Left me witless.


But, I had the most beautiful night

That night.

When his words resonated and set fire to my soul

The night was beautiful, so is the love.


I’m afraid, I lose sense of time most of the day. One minute I’m writing and the other I’m just lost, lost somewhere in the land of imagination. Everything seems to be replica of what I’m living now except that I’m able to change situations, expressions, gestures, even feelings on a whim.

It’s like living parallel with a world of my imagination. It’s flexible. I don’t even try much to get there. I just am naturally there. It’s in the real world, it takes efforts to come back to.

That’s Me Being Me

What I speak, in mirth or distress, it’s all the same, depends what ears you have on.

I’m crazy…ain’t I?

I’m insane…I’m not

I’m bold…I’m not

I’m an extrovert… I’m not

I’m an introvert… now, that I can’t even dispute

I’m playful…figure it out

I’m serious… who’s going to argue back? Me? You? Who?

Insomniac, unpredictable, wild, dreamer, scribbler

I need something to intoxicate me, something much more feral then the passion my heart holds

You fired my imagination, you walked into the tavern of my senses

You live within me, untouched

You dance within me, unperturbed

You are one with my essence

You are the music that flows within my body and soul – in the very fiber of my being