A Walk in The Park

Libellulidae, Dragonfly
Nasturtium, Garden nasturtium, Indian Cress
Crassula Ovata, Jade Plant

White-throated kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) also known as the white-breasted kingfisher is a tree kingfisher (Wikipedia)
The Greedy Little Squirrel- Fond of Cookies
Cherry and her Babies are Darlings of Our Lane
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Gudhal-Hindi)
Catharanthus roseus, Periwinkle


IMG_6742She is growing up so fast, the questions she asks baffle me, amuse me and push me out of my comfort zone even.

She is at an age where I can’t tell her, “Baby, you are too young to understand this.”  Or, “baby, you are old enough to understand this.” These contradictory statements I shuffle in between from time to time confuses her and she retorts and resorts to being pouty whole day.

Few days back we went to see this flick, Bareilly Ki Barfi where a prospective groom asks the girl, “are you virgin?” and, I knew it, darn it man the second the dialogue was over, Miss Curiosity popped hers, “what is virgin?” Bite me! Kill me! And, RIP me already.

I took a deep breath and replied as much as I could, “Baby, Virgin means being young, okay?”

Miss Curiosity: Is she?

Mommy-at-the-end-of-the-tether: Yes, of course she is.

Miss Curiosity: I can also see that, why is he asking her this silly question then?

Mommy-at-the-end-of-the-tether: Yeah, well see darling, movies is all about being silly stuff, just entertainment.

Miss Curiosity: Why is she not asking him, is he virgin or not?

Now, I can see the little feminist rearing her head already, I looked around in darkness to check who else is being audience to our little tête-à-tête. Couldn’t figure out much though.

And blast me, I didn’t think before replying and told her, baby, I think he is not virgin.

Miss Curiosity: Ma, he is young too.

I looked pleadingly at my husband, but he was so engrossed gawking at Kriti Sanon (the actress whose virginity in the character she played is in question).

Finally, the scene changed and I could take a breather.

Miss Curiosity is just 6 year’s old and she has tendency to pick all those nasty words from the conversations floating around her. It’s becoming difficult now to excuse myself from explaining her everything.

I liked the movie, irrespective of the rapid-fire between Miss Curiosity and myself. Indian moviemakers are really doing a great job making such fun to watch movies. Light-hearted, more naturalistic, less-drama-to-ingest kind of films.



Today’s Round Up- Web Reads

I do lots of web reading almost daily. Never ever the idea of cataloguing what I read and what’s my take away from all that is came to my mind. After, quite a juggling in between my laid back self and the active mind (also, I’m tired of wading through the long list of bookmarks tuck here and there on the browser, but, hey, let me please sound like some really responsible woman), the latter won and here I’m listing out what all I devoured in foods for thought (s).

  1. https://www.bookstr.com/bill-clinton-said-you-must-read-these-books

Now, let me be honest here. Why do I read such book recommendations post? Don’t I have enough books to read? Oh! I have more than I can count, yet I have this insatiable urge to have the best of the books adorning the nooks and crannies of my house. To quench this everlasting thirst, I have to find what all others are reading and then add it to my list.

However, Mr. Clinton has listed some of the good books worth spending time and money on. Do check them out!


  1. http://lithub.com/how-many-times-am-i-touched-in-a-week-a-study/

It was a good read. ‘How many times am I touched in a week?’ Touch, is not only a nonverbal communication, but it is an assurance of being, existence. Living beings have this innate tendency to express their feelings via touch. I have never devoted a thought to how many times I have been touched in a day or how many times I come to people intentionally to convey my opinions.  This is something, I’m going to experiment too.


  1. https://www.mindful.org/two-lessons-on-blame-from-brene-brown/?utm_content=buffer18441&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

It’s really good. I hung my head literally and said it to my invisible audience, “guilty, as charged!” I really am a sort of blamer. Even if I’m not blaming any human, and so it would be the situations. Seriously, we need to own up our acts. I’m definitely going to try. Nothing new, but it’s kind of a wakeup call.

Brené Brown says, “Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and pain. It has an inverse relationship with accountability. Blaming is a way that we discharge anger.”


  1. https://brightside.me/wonder-places/10-distinctive-features-of-the-japanese-education-system-that-made-this-nation-the-envy-of-the-world-214655/?utm_source=fb_brightside&utm_medium=fb_organic&utm_campaign=fb_gr_brightside

The article starts with, “Japanese people are known for their intelligence, strong health, politeness, and wellness.” I don’t disagree yet, being an ordinary person I feel like being cheated. Come on, we Indians are intelligent and doing wonders all around the world.  .

The only two points I liked to keep in mind, rest of the education system are similar to that of Indians.

  • “It is believed that the goal for the first 3 years of school is not to judge the child’s knowledge or learning, but to establish good manners and to develop their character.”
  • “In Japanese schools, students have to clean the classrooms, cafeterias, and even toilets all by themselves. When cleaning, students are divided into small groups and assigned tasks that rotate throughout the year. The Japanese education system believes that requiring students to clean up after themselves teaches them to work in a team and help each other. Besides, spending their own time and effort sweeping, mopping, and wiping makes kids respect their own work and the work of others.”
  1. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/08/this-algorithm-can-spot-depression-based-on-your-instagram-posts?utm_content=buffer529ae&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer

The article says people who are depressed tends to prefer darker shades of blues, grays, and black. Also, they prefer filter Inkwell over Valencia. So, if I go with this study by researchers, then I’m definitely a depressed being. Darn it man, I love black & white photographs and Inkwell is my favourite.

“It’s one of several promising experiments using artificial intelligence to diagnose mental health conditions. A company called NeuroLex Diagnostics is working on a series of AI tools that can identify telltale patterns and tics in speech to diagnose problems including depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s”

  1. https://qz.com/1053297/independence-day-what-good-did-the-british-do-for-india-during-the-raj/

A must read for all.


  1. https://www.masterclass.com/classes/james-patterson-teaches-writing?utm_source=Paid&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_term=Aq-Prospecting&utm_content=Link&utm_campaign=JP

James Patterson is offering writing classes. Wow, learning from the masters is something. Any takers here? I cannot though. I realized it late, but I did that I’m so pig-headed when it comes to learning from someone or taking instructions. So, I’ve decided to pass on the opportunity.


  1. https://scroll.in/article/745404/a-book-for-children-that-both-parents-and-politicians-must-read

I would love my girl to read this book. And, I’m for sure getting this book next and reading it too. There is no right time for introducing kids to what is right and what is wrong. Not only it promises to teach the fight for the rights, also, it is imploring kids to discover the power of their imagination and increase their creative prowess as well.


There are a few more websites I went through. Sort of a time crunch. Besides, these articles need long entries. I’m beat today.






Life is Interesting

People come and go by. They just keep coming. They always go. Some stay back. Some do not even bother to look back. One is being adored, the other being abhorred. One being loved and the other being hated to the brink of raving madness…
Met many, known few. Seen many, felt few.
To few these eyes know, to some more these ears understand, and to one this soul responds.
Life is a mosaic of patterns stitched here stuck there and of these all, one patch is me. Me – with no impressive name and no significant objective in life yet, I live somewhere in the myriad folds of this beautiful pattern of umpteen beings with the same flesh and blood and yet different names to call with.

I have this little viewfinder lodged in the eyes of my mind which makes me look at the world in different perspective. I don't see good and bad, I just find people, people driven by their ideas, moods, emotions, greed, motives. There are variety of emotions and feelings in play. And, I find everything so wonderful. I'm always amazed at every new discovery which I stumble upon almost everyday about everything that surrounds me.

So, yes, when I say life is interesting, I really mean, it has always been interesting to me.